The innovative Fashion Capital

Where Italian fashion extends meticulously, we will be able to visit the most important boutiques. Starting with those who have made the history of leather and Made in Italy, namely Gucci, Fendi and Prada, whose names are still a guarantee of high quality craftsmanship and whose logos are immediately recognizable worldwide.


Lovers, students and professionals


14th January, 15 PM
De 13 a 17 de janeiro


English  (supported in Portughese and Spanish)


We will then move on to what was the birth of haute couture in the 1960s through Valentino Garavani and the prêt-à-porter of 80s genius such as Versace, Cavalli and Moschino. The latter, with their inspiration and personality, will make our country great.

The tour ends in the majestic Dolce & Gabbani boutiques that since the 1990s have been one of the manifestos in the world of our culture of Made in Italy.

Topics approached:

  • The roots of Italian fashion
    The history of the Made in Italy, which is one of the most important "brand" of contemporary fashion. Its transformation during the last 50 years to attends the new generation of consumers.

  • Symbolic and concrete values of Italian fashion
    The characteristics of Italian brands and what they influence several brands and styles around the world.


  • Italian Fashion in Milan: The Fashion Capital
    How and why Milan became a Fashion Capital after the 2nd WW.


  • Fashion Districts in Milan
    The fashion life in Milan and the difference between the districts and its fashion business.